Heena Bhanushali

Heena Bhanushali is an upcoming name in the tattoo industry that has made its mark in a very short span of time. She learned to paint and draw as part of her passion for art. She was 17 years old when her father and her cousin sister was overwhelmed by the talent she had and encouraged her to put it to better use. Heena has marked the beginning of her independent journey with the encouragement and support of her husband , Parth Bhanushali , who gave wings to her talent so she could soar high and reach new skies.

She has also pursued a course in animation but it did not drive her as much as tattooing did. She wanted to be a storyteller who carved permanent stories of people’s lives on their most treasured bodies. She believes that every tattoo is a reflection of the person getting inked that she gets a glimpse of an altogether new world through the tattoos . Every tattoo is a learning experience of a new theory or a life lesson a person has learnt.

She continues to learn and explore the beautiful world of tattoos and humans too. Recently a lot of celebrities from the TV industry were seen stopping by to get their ideologies and beliefs imprinted on their bodies.

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