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Indian Inc Tattoo shop in Mumbai is a friendly,comfortable,clean and sanitary environment, including a waiting area and private room for customer.We are a custom tattoos studio based in mumbai. Here you can get your first tattoo and as well as your hundredth. Every person has their own unique style. Our artists take body art very seriously as it is something they will be doing for life and which you will wear for life! Our artists have the skills and experience to provide you with quality artwork that will fulfill all expectations and stand the test of time. Customers are encouraged to bring with them any referance material or ideas they might have, we will take this and mix this with our own idea and thoughts and have a design that’s hand drawn for you ready in time for your appointment.Anything you don’t like or any changes you require then our artist’s will be happy to rework the design until its perfect for you and exactly what you want.

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